So stoked to get back into it. The Korova in San Antonio will be the first of our nights with @marniestern in September. We’ll be in Austin the following night at Spider House with all our local dudes too. Come show us some love, Texas. We’ll be diggin in hard

Game on.

Thoroughly enjoying my new toy from @eqdevices_ #earthquakerdevices

Seeing my brothers off to Europe next week. East Cameron Folkcore, White Horse

Doin a couple dates in Texas with @marniestern in September. Moses is clearly impressed.

Sept. 5 - San Antonio @ The Korova
Sept. 6 - Austin @ Spider House

Elijah wood just brought me 15lbs of #labarbeque. I think this qualifies as #thebesttipever. #15lbstoruleusall #elijahwood

Sounds about right.

Aaron’s currently crushing a big tour with @umemusic opening for fuckin @circasurvive. Send him some love playin a sold out club in ATL tonight. #missinthebigguy

THEY FOUND THE TRAILER!!(Empty) but its complete!! Wild. Know anyone touring through or from San Francisco through Austin soon that wants to tug this home? Anyone willing to at least pick this sucker up from impound for me? Holler at some friends lets get this sucker home at last. (Also willing to sell if anyones interested in the bay)

Black is the new Orange