Never thought I’d be tossin all my gear in the back of this bad boy again. See y’all tonight on the mountain! Come give Van Halen a good welcome home pat on the ass.

"All great achievements require time"

AUSTIN! Our last show in town until the end of the year is this Thursday at Holy Mountain. Guna tear the house down.

San Antonio, we’re coming for you Saturday at the Limelight with Future Death, whose great new record dropped today! Don’t miss these shows

Tell yer frndz

Playing with myself this afternoon #thisiswhyaaronplaysdrums


Last set of Texas dates until the fall.
Lets rage.

Thu 5/29 - Austin, TX @ Holy Mountain
Sat 5/31 - San Antonio, TX @ Limelight
Sat 6/7 - Ft. Worth, TX @ Most Excellent Fest
Sun 6/8 - Houston, TX @ Houston Beer Festival

See ya.

Watching the moon rise burnin through the desert, findin out this kitty still purrs… #vanhalenrescuemission

Van Halen getting a bit of a face lift today in San Francsico. Thieves reeeally did a number on her.. We start our trek home tomorrow morning! #vanhalenrescuemission #thievesmustburn

AUSTIN! This will be our last show in town until the fall (Aaron will be crushing tours with Ume and East Cameron Folkcore all summer) so don’t miss it!

70 shirts returned to us today! #goodpeople

This house party fest we’re doing in Ft. Worth next month is going to be as Excellent as the poster implies.. Also its free, with free beer. Sooo… #nobrainer